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         Then Jesus said to his disciples,      

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

  take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )




Real Help 4 Real Issues   Because; Jesus Cares About You!!




   Thanks for dropping by!   

Regardless, of your Current Age,

Background, Church, or Religious Affiliation,

We want you to know that

You're always welcome here!

  If you're already a Christian, We pray you're deeply encouraged by

your visit here. If you don't currently have a saving relationship

with Christ, we'd like to encourage you to experience the

Peace, Joy, Forgiveness and Eternal Salvation

God offers Freely to each of us that

Truly Seek Him.

We'd like to share right up front that we will not compromise our

Judeo-Christian beliefs, teachings and values, but we also won't

argue over your right to believe otherwise. If you are in

anyway offended, by the teachings, and beliefs of Christianity,

to the extent of causing what you feel is harm to you, then we

ask that you leave  now to prevent this from occurring!

To Go Further Through our Ministry Website,

will be understood as either acceptance of our right to believe 

and share these beliefs and teachings with you and others, or as

curiosity on your part  to learn more about these beliefs, without

feeling the need to agree with us, or feel pressured!

We have resources that deal with:

Depression, Porn, Sex, or other Addictions, or Anxiety, Rape, Abuse,

Grief, Cults, Addictions, Suicidal Thoughts, Eating Disorders, Health,

Race and many other Issues. If you're struggling with any

of these issues, or the seeming lack of  Direction, and

Purpose for Your life, or if you know someone who is,

We Really Want to Help!

If You're a Pastor, looking for an Interdenominational Christian

Ministry website based on Solid Foundational Teachings to refer

your congregation, or strangers in need to, you've come to the

right place!  

We also have Excellent Bible Study Resources

& Sermon Outline Help!

If you don't find the resources here that you need, Please, feel free to

email  me at the address shown below, and  I'll be more than happy to

help you find them. If You're looking for a Cool, Safe, Family-Friendly,

Christian Ministry Website to hang out at, or to learn and be

challenged at, your search is over!! 

We have access to well over Four Million Bytes of information 

to share with you and we're daily looking to partner up with other

Great Christian Websites, Ministries, and Organizations

to further help and encourage you. 


Love in Christ Always,

Evangelist Ken Godfrey or

Your Cross Outreach Ministry


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Let Jesus Break the Chains of


  Sin & Addiction in Your Life!


 Ask Forgiveness of Your Sins, Turn from them, & Ask

Him to Be Lord, and Savior of Your Life!


Check Out Some of the Most Common Reasons

People Give for NOT Wanting to Be Saved ...


Have You Been Having Thoughts of Suicide, or of Just Not

Wanting to Live Anymore? Please,

(1) Call 1-800-834-6817 

(2) Click this Suicide Prevention Link

(3) Call me, Evangelist Ken,

(304) 534-4619 / (304) 203-5134

I can't accept collect calls, but I can &

will accept all other sincere calls.


 To Help Us Help Others,

Our Ministry Address is:

Your Cross Outreach Ministry

C/O Evangelist Ken Godfrey

16 Nixon Park

Shinnston, West Virginia 26431

Please, take a minute to sign our

"Ministry Guestbook "

to let us know you dropped by.






Do you Believe in Evolution?




  (Kids Save)


Cyber Tip line for Reporting:

(Exploitation of Children)


(Children in Immediate Danger)


Cyber Tip line for Reporting:

(Exploitation of Children)




If you were suddenly taken away from your home and

family as a child, by a parent, or someone else you trusted

.....You're Not Alone!.....

A staggering 200,000 children are abducted by a parent

or family member in the United States every year.

God's Healing Touch


God has guided my family and I through years of trial,

testing, and an ongoing healing, after an accident

on a drilling rig in 1981, left my family and I dealing

with the  life-altering affects of brain damage!

James Rudd

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To God

Be All Glory, Honor, & Praise

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