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Then Jesus said to his disciples,      

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )





Real Help 4 Real Issues!  God Loves You!!



Avtonomova Family




 9 Sisters from Russia


"Singing for the Glory of God"





Our site is the testimony that God lives in our hearts.

We have visited many towns. But now we are in

difficulties.  By force of circumstances, the man

who provided the record of 2 albums for us

and traveling  the country is in a complicated

situation. All our family could do Christian

activity thanks to him.


Now we can't record new album and go to different

towns without sponsor. Now all of my sisters find

work to earn money and have food. This is all our

story. But we are glad that we have health and

live. Please pray for us. We love God and want

to glorify God's name further.



How do you do, dear friends?


We Are Family Avtonomova: Dad, Mom, even 9 girls,
Native Sisters. So already it came out that we will eat up,
glorifying God. But this did not arrive by itself. In us love

for the God they tediously brought up dad with the

mom. They very sacrificial of parents. We thank

God for the fact that they grew us. They call us:

Tanya, Sveta, Natasha, Galya, Vera, Nadya,

 Luba, Olya, Katya.

We graduated from musical school with the difference. Elder
sister, Tanya began to write music to the poems, which

wrote the 2-aya on the seniority sister of Sveta.


Gradually we learned songs and sang in churches

of different Russia it was municipal, the Ukraine

and Belorussii. Our listeners were the

representatives of the different generations:

from the grandmothers and the grand-dads,

to the small, who became silent, they

ceased to cry, when we began to sing.

We and themselves greatly astonished,

when they felt the love of listeners for

our songs and voices.

The Lord always supports us. Even in hardest

situations!!! For us it was necessary to greatly

much travel, came long distances on the

automobile, beyond control of which was always
located our dad. We very strongly got tired, but it

was worthwhile only to begin to sing, as fatigue

somewhere it disappeared. We as if were

connected with the aid of the songs with

the Lord. We wrote down 2 musical

albums, where entered some of

the best of our songs.


We thank God for help and support. Without Him,

we cannot make  anything. Please, check back

often as we will be writing & sharing about

our Christian walks with God while living

 here in Russia.


Love in Christ,

9 sisters.



This is our letter
  Здравствуйте, дорогие друзья.
Мы- семья Автономовых: папа, мама и 9 девчонок,-

родных сестёр. Так уж получилось, что мы поём, прославляя

Бога. Но это не пришло само собой. В нас любовь к Богу кропо

тливо воспитывали папа с мамой. Они- очень жертвенные

родители.  Мы благодарим Бога за то, что они нас вырастили.

Нас зовут: Таня, Света, Наташа, Галя, Вера, Надя, Люба,

Оля, Катя. Мы окончили музыкальную школу с отличием.

Старшая  сестра Таня стала сочинять музыку к стихотворениям,

которые писала 2-ая по старшинству сестра Света. Постепенно

мы разучивали песни и пели в церквях разных городов

России, Украины и Белоруссии.  Нашими слушателями были

представители разных поколений: от бабушек и дедушек, до

самых маленьких, которые замолкали, переставали плакать,

когда мы начинали петь. Мы и сами очень удивились, когда

почувствовали любовь слушателей к нашим песням и

голосам. Господь всегда поддерживает нас. Даже в самых

тяжёлых ситуациях!!!  Нам пришлось очень много

путешествовать , преодолевая огромные расстояния на

автомобиле, за рулём которого всегда находился наш папа.

Мы очень сильно уставали, но стоило только начать петь,

как усталость куда-то исчезала. Мы как будто соединялись

с помощью песен с Господом.
Мы записали 2 музыкальных альбома, куда вошли одни из

самых лучших  наших песен. Мы благодарим Бога за помощь

 и поддержку. Без Него мы не можем делать ничего.
9 сестёр.



Nadya, Sveta, Luba, Natasha, Vera,

Olya, Katya, Galya, Tanya








Olya, Lyuba and Natasha








Natasha and Vera



Mom and Pop Avtonomova


Bye 4 Now!


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