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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




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More Than Conquerors!



On September 17, 2002 my husband, daughter

and I received the news that people think

they will never hear. Our doctor told us that

my husband, Russ, had cancer and that

the name of this cancer is Diffused Large

Cell Lymphoma. When the doctor first

told us the bad news, it was as if

someone had stolen our breath



We were in shock!


The doctor proceeded to tell us that it was very

important that Russ start chemotherapy

treatments immediately. The doctors

surgically implanted a port in his chest so

 the treatments could  be benign.


  The treatment consisted of four different types

of chemotherapy drugs, and took four hours

to administer. They call this a CHOP. He

would receive the treatments every three

weeks, along with injections of a medication 

that would help keep his white blood cells at

 a normal level. He had to receive the injections

for ten days. The chemotherapy was to last

for 8 months.



In addition to all the other changes the cancer

made us deal with, was uncertainty over our

finances. My husband Russ is a union bricklayer,

so needless to say, he could not work because

the treatments made him so sick, and weak.

He would be sick for three weeks, and then

on the fourth week he would begin feeling o.k.


Trouble was, by the time he made it to the fourth

week and began feeling better, it was time for the

 next treatment and cycle. My daughter and I were

so devastated, as it was so hard to watch someone

that you love have to go through such agony.

How many times I wished it could have been

 me, and not him.


When we began telling the rest of our family and

friends, is when we began to see the blessings

flow. Our families could not do enough for us.

Our friends constantly called to see how we

were doing, sent us cards, food, and were even

there to cry with us. My brother stopped by

every day to see how we were doing, and

without even asking, would cut the grass, and

split and stack wood to help us get ready

for winter.


My  husband’s fellow union bricklayers took up

donations from union jobs all over the state of

West Virginia for us. We never realized just how

many friends we had, and how many people

really cared for us before. We will never

forget their kindness.


Nevertheless, the most important thing was the

prayers –  People praying for my husband to

healing, and for God to give us strength.

People from all different denominations

were praying to our God for us.



One Saturday afternoon our friends, Mr. and

Mrs. Lee, came to visit us. We sat and talked

and later as they were about ready to leave,

Mrs. Lee asked us if it would be all right to pray

for us. We said yes and right there in the middle

of my kitchen, with all of us gathered in a

circle holding each others hands,


Mrs. Lee prayed her heart out asking God to

give us strength, and Russ his healing.

While she was praying, I stood with

tears streaming down my face, and

my legs shaking. I knew something

good was going to happen.


The next week, my husband had to get a PET scan.

A pet scan is a very high-tech scan that can

detect the smallest amount of cancer cells.

A couple days after the scan, Dr. John Azar

called asking us to come to his office so he could

share the results of the scan.


We prayed for good news during the entire drive

to his office. We arrived at Dr. Azars office and

were told the incredible news.


The cancer was GONE!

We were So happy!



We could not believe it! Dr. Azar said he was equally

surprised at the results of the scan. I explained

to Dr. Azar that the results were from the power

of God, and from the wisdom God had imparted

in him as our doctor.


Then I hugged my husband and Dr. Azar, and began

running through the office and Fairmont General

Hospital screaming, “It’s a miracle from God!

My husband is cured of cancer!” To say the

 least, people were looking at me as if I was

nuts, but I did not care. I had to spread

the great news.


After four months of treatments, the cancer was gone! My

husband and I believe in our hearts, and will continue to

the rest of our lives, that the “little” prayer session in

my kitchen that Saturday afternoon, combined with

all the prayers of other people and churches, is

when the Lord and Holy Spirit’s healing power

took place. Praise God!!


To anyone with this, or any other terrible disease, my

husband and I have a special message to share

with you. Times will be tough, but stay in touch

with the Lord!! Pray and do not give up hope!

God will answer your prayers. God will

give you strength when you

have none!


                                     God loves and is with you!!                                                           


Written by:

Eugenia Cerisano.

Used with permission of:

Eugenia and Russ Cerisano



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