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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




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God’s Healing Touch



 Hello. My name is Jay Rudd and I am writing to share

my testimony of an amazing miracle of healing God has

provided in mine and my families lives. I am 49 years

 old and have now been married to my wonderful wife

 Dolly, for 27 years.


We live in Columbus, Ohio. Our

 two daughters Rachel, and Christy, also live in the

Columbus area. Christy and her husband, Jason have

 blessed us with our first granddaughter,  Allyson,

and they are expecting our second grandchild

 next month. 


 There were many years in our lives when no one would

have believed I would still be alive, or that our family

 would become so blessed!


On July 15, 1980 we were working on an oil well that

had just been drilled. A bad leak developed and we

immediately began to shut down the operation.

I was holding a very large pipe wrench on the cap

of the ball injector.


The supervisor swung a 16#

sledge hammer with all his might and missed the pipe

wrench, hitting me on the left side of my forehead. I

suffered a broken nose and brain damage to my left

frontal lobe, although I wouldn’t have the brain

damage actually diagnosed until 1986.


 Between 1980 and 1986, my mental, emotional, and

physical health deteriorated to the point that I could

barely walk, talk, or tie my shoes and I tried to commit

suicide for the first of what would become dozens of

attempts. Through a battery of tests, I was diagnosed

with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, & Organic Brain



I was considered mentally retarded and mentally

 ill. I developed Bi-Polar Disorder and very bad anger

management problems, as a result of the brain damage.

I began to hear voices, which would tell me what to do

and how to do it.


Each passing year, my health and ability to function

on everyday tasks deteriorated to the point that between

1984 and 1998 I had to be admitted for as much as one

 to two months at a time. I would be released for between

two to three weeks on average, and then readmitted for

another month or more.  


One day in 1996, my health had deteriorated so badly

that the doctors sent me home with the sobering

 news that there was no chance at all of improvement,

and that in fact my health and capacity to live would

only worsen. They told us in  essence,

“There is No hope for Jay!”


 With that news the doctors sent me home, with orders to

 take 20 pills a day. They informed my wife, Dolly that she

needed to seriously consider institutionalizing me for

mine, and her and our children’s sake! Although

confronted with an extremely bleak outlook of a life

and future with her husband, Dolly never gave serious

 thought to the possibility of institutionalizing me.


She proudly confronted the doctors with her faith

and belief in God, “With God there is ALWAYS

hope and I will take care of my husband!”


 Over the next few years, during the worst periods,

when  she left for work, etc she was never able to

know for sure if I would be alive, or dead when she

returned as my suicidal attempts increased in

frequency.  No matter what she was forced to

endure, or how  much she was hurt by the trials,

or  actions, her love for and devotion to me

never stopped!


 One night in 1998, my youngest daughter Christy,

who was then only 15, had just laid down to sleep

when I tried to commit suicide by cutting my

wrist with a razor blade. Blood was flowing freely

down my arm and was gushing everywhere.

 I walked out of the bathroom at the same

 time Christy, happened to come out of

 her room.


 She looked at me with such a serious, hurt, &

betrayed  look on her face, that I will never be

able to forget it and said, “Why don’t you love

me anymore? If you really loved me,  you wouldn’t

have cut your wrist and tried to kill yourself!”


Trying to cover up what I had done,  I covered

my arm as best I could and said, “But I DO

 love you Christy! I love you very much!”


 I was admitted to the hospital for what would

become  both the worst and best hospital stay

of my life. The worst because I realized I had

reached the low point of my life when I had to

 have my hands and feet strapped down to the

 point I couldn’t move.


 I was also isolated and sedated in a padded

cell, so I was no longer a danger, or threat to

myself, or the other patients.  


It became the best stay because God used my

wife Dolly, and my daughters Rachel and

Christy, and my love for each of them to show

me that I HAD to make a commitment to

get better for each of their sakes!


 Rachel was a little older and being so sensitive,

she  really took the brunt of my sometimes

 harsh words and actions. Christy had already

been traumatized enough, before having to walk

out unexpectedly and face the additional trauma

of seeing me having  tried to kill myself. I was

afraid I was responsible for  having ruined

their lives forever!


 On July 27, 1999 my daughters and I went to

Forrest Edge Assembly of God, where Lindell Cooley,

from Brownsville Assembly of God, was leading

 the Praise and Worship Service. At one point in the

 service the Pastor stopped the service to address the

congregation. He went  on to explain that God had

revealed to him that there were people in the

congregation that were suffering from

incurable illnesses.


 He asked everyone with an incurable illness to come

up to the altar to be prayed for. He said, “There is

a young man here who has been sent home

 from the hospital with the news from the doctors

that there is NO hope for you!”  My daughters

were  so excited! They both said, “Dad, he’s

talking about you!”


I said, “No way! You’re Crazy! He’s talking about

someone else!”


Pastor Ron, who was with us grabbed my arm and

was practically dragging me down the isle.

When I got to the altar I began to bawl like a baby!

Pastor Ron explained to Pastor Randy and

Pastor Lindell what I was suffering from and

 had been through and asked them to pray

for me.  


At the moment they began to pray for me,

God  started to heal my brain. It started tingling

and felt like my brain was expanding, and

coming alive!


 The years 1999 to 2003 were miracle breaking

years for me as God restored and renewed the

 joy and life to my marriage, ended my continual

 Hospital stays, and ridded my life of any

satanic oppression.


He began to restore my self-esteem as a man by

 helping me get my drivers license back, and

enabling me to work a little in my Pastor’s auto-body

shop. Although not able to work anywhere

near full-time, it was so satisfying and encouraging

after not being able to work at all for over 16 years.


 At a baptismal service at Evangel Temple in Columbus,

God restored my reading ability. Through prayer,

studying, and taking notes I was able to improve

from a Second grade reading level to a Seventh grade

 reading level in  just two years. This and other miracles

God began  to perform in my life absolutely amazed

 my doctors who had no answer to the miracles

 other than God!


 They had told me that I would never be able to go back

to school, or become a Pastor, or Evangelist. My new

doctor has told me that the progress I have made back

 to a normal life from the kind of brain damage I had

suffered is unheard of in the Mental Health Profession.


 “A person’s emotional problems and medication needs

don’t just “Go away.” He said, “Truly, Jay, this is a

miracle and I can see your faith in God, your family,

and your church are very important to you.”


 Most of the doctors and other people in my life

 since the accident have made me feel like an

Overwhelming Underdog, but I’ve discovered that

that’s OK, because Jesus loves and uses the

World’s So-Called Underdogs mightily

each and everyday!


 With the help of God, my family, my Pastor, and the

congregation at my church, I have now preached

a half dozen sermons, am well into completing

the Berean Bible Courses, and will soon be

submitting the Application for my

Ministers license.


I am a member of New Hope Assembly of God

 in Groveport, Ohio, am on the Advisory Board

 of my church, and am Vice President of

Your Cross Outreach Ministry,

One of the World’s Top Internet Ministries.


I hope you'll visit our work there at:


My wife, Dolly, works at Meier’s and remains my

 biggest blessing from God. My oldest daughter

Rachel is in college working towards her RN license,  

that she plans to use as a Missionary to Africa.


My daughter Christy is the Praise and Worship Leader

at our church. God has shown me a glimpse of

His glory and made me hunger and strive to see

 SO much more!


What is Impossible for Man


possible for God!


The more I learn to

Rely on Him through All Things,

 the more He amazes me daily!


No matter what I go through in my life, whether it’s

 a pleasant experience or a very intense trial,

I am going to keep on

Praising, Worshipping. and Serving



 For He is ALWAYS Worthy to be Praised!


 Your Friend and Brother in Christ,

James Rudd

Your Cross Outreach Ministry


Bye 4 Now!

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