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Then Jesus said to his disciples,      

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )





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This page is added in love as a source of information about

abortion, and the unborn baby. We at Your Cross Outreach

Ministry believe in, and stand firmly for the right to life of

all unborn babies.


We also believe that everyone standing up for the rights

of the unborn  baby should do so in a godly, loving way. We are

against using any forms of violence, or ungodly protests, or

other such actions against abortion clinics, doctors etc. We

believe these actions are completely against how Christ

taught us to live, and interact!


If you decide to read further, you agree to do so, with

the understanding that we have used our right to provide

this information in love as an educational resource

supporting the babies right to life. It is not meant to be

offensive to your beliefs, or your right to them.


We ask that if it is offensive to you, you please read

no further! For those of you that do choose to read

further, we hope the links below help answer

questions you may have!


Love in Christ,

Evangelist Ken Godfrey

Your Cross Outreach Ministry



Life Before Birth


Life Before Birth


Answers to Pro-Choice Claims/ Personal

Stories Help and so much more!






Pregnancy Centers


Our trained phone consultants are available at all

 hours to take your calls and email. This site will also

help you locate the pregnancy centers nearest you.


These centers offer many services, including

free pregnancy tests, peer counseling and

information about all pregnancy options.


These centers do not offer abortions,

or abortion referrals.




Abortion Facts


Our mission is simple.  We have brought together

quality information on the abortion debate from many

different sources and made it available to the world

in one abortion Mega-site. 


We believe these facts point to an

obvious conclusion. You are free to accept, or

 reject this conclusion. For information on Women's

Help Centers look on the left hand column of the

 abortion facts index at the bottom of the page. 




The Gabriel Project


Our mission is to respect all life -- at any age, in

any circumstance. This means that we are

profoundly committed not only to the unborn,

but also to their mothers.



Save Baby Humans


Save The Baby Humans is dedicated to helping

each woman with an unwanted or expected

pregnancy to choose life for her baby.




Ruth Harbor


  A Christ-centered home for young women who

are alone and facing unplanned pregnancies.

"Ruth" means compassion; "Harbor" means

a place of refuge, safety, retreat, shelter.


Ruth Harbor is a 6-8 resident home located

in Des Moines. It provides young women who

are alone and facing unplanned pregnancies a truly

viable option --  a safe harbor -- by providing housing,

education, counseling, health care, parenting

training or adoption assistance, spiritual support

and more for the duration of their pregnancies.






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