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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




Real Help 4 Real Issues!  God Loves You!!












Though there are many kinds of, and levels of addictions,

they all have a couple of things in common. They all

affect your life, as well as those around you, and many

of them are very self-destructive, leading to marital

difficulties, or divorce, health issues up to and

including death, weak relationships with your kids,

friends etc.


Since anything harmful to any part of your life, or

body is a sin - leading to separation between

you and God on different levels, they also lead to

the need to both seek help in overcoming the

addiction(s), and seeking forgiveness and

reconciliation with God.


We at Your Cross Outreach Ministry, aren't here

to judge, or condemn anyone for whatever their

struggles are. We are simply here reaching out in

love to try to help in both leading you, or

someone you know, or love to seek help in

overcoming your addiction - no matter how

big or small it is - and to help encourage you

to draw closer to God in the process because

any kind of sin causes a separation between

us & God!!


 God loves you and so do we! Please,

let us know if there is something

else we can do to help encourage

you to overcome!


Love in Christ,

Evangelist Ken Godfrey

Your Cross Outreach Staff


Armor of God


A Ministry focused on helping you to stop smoking!



Parents the Anti-Drug was created by the National Youth

Anti-Drug Media Campaign to equip parents and other

adult caregivers with the tools they need to raise

drug-free kids. Working with the nation's leading

experts in the fields of parenting and

substance abuse prevention, serves as a drug prevention

information center, and a supportive

community for parents to  interact

and learn from each other.



No Longer Bound


Our commitment is to the regeneration of

alcoholics, drug addicts, and their

families through Jesus Christ.



National Youth Anti-Drug Media


  The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign is a

multi-dimensional effort to educate and empower

youth to reject illicit drugs.


The campaign uses a variety of media to reach

parents & youth, including TV ads, educational

materials, Web sites, and publications. The

Campaign's messages reach Americans

wherever they live, work, learn,

and play.



Restoration Manual


 A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers &

Religious Leaders - A step by step process

of organizing a Restoration Team for a 

repentant pastor with practical

recovery steps.


This unique workbook will help the broken

minister pick up the pieces of his life

as it gives hope and direction.




Facts on Tap is a comprehensive alcohol and other

drug education, prevention, and intervention

program for college students.




A 501(c)(3) non-profit grass roots organization with

more than 600 chapters nationwide. MADD is not a

crusade against alcohol consumption - MADD's

mission is to stop drunk driving, support the

 victims of this violent crime, and prevent

underage  drinking.




 Several helpful links covering subjects

related to Addictions.


DrugHelp is a private, non-profit information &

referral network providing information on specific

drugs and treatment options, and referrals to public

& private treatment programs, self-help groups,

family support groups and crisis centers

throughout the United States.



Phoenix House


 Phoenix House is the leading drug treatment organization.

Founded in 1967, Phoenix House is the nation's largest

non-profit organization devoted to the treatment and

prevention of substance abuse - treating nearly

5,500 adults and adolescents each day at

more than 100 programs in nine states.


We're committed to empowering our clients

with skills and self-confidence so that they

can lead independent, productive, and

rewarding lives.




Staying Cyber is a series of weekly Alcoholics Anonymous

meetings. Each meeting runs for a full week so that you

may read or contribute at your convenience. Anyone

who has a desire to stop drinking is welcome to

share in any of the meetings.




This site is Free and contains over 2,000 pages of

information and resources to help you help yourself

overcome self defeating behaviors, thoughts

and addictions you desire to change.


Our vision is not just recovery but to go

well beyond recovery so you can fully

discover, explore and magnify all possibilities

God intends for you as an individual.




ACDE has an exciting range of educational programs

and services designed to engage teens, address the

 needs of parents, and provide employers, educators,

health professionals, policy-makers and the media

with authoritative information on tobacco,

alcohol and drugs such as marijuana,

cocaine and heroin.




Help and Hope for children of alcoholics

and other substance abusers.



Teen Drug & Substance Abuse


Help fight teen drug abuse, we provide information

to help fight teen drug abuse by prevention,

 intervention and have a support network

for those in need.



The Good Shepherd Restoration



We're here to help both Believers and non believers

overcome all forms of addictions; Alcoholism, Drug

Addiction, Compulsive Gambling, Over-Eating,

Compulsive Sexual Behaviors, as well as

Co-Dependence & Love Addiction.






Bye 4 Now!


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