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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




Real Help 4 Real Issues!  God Loves You!!







Christian Adoption




Nightlight Christian Adoptions


is a nonprofit adoption agency licensed by the State

of California to provide adoption services. We serve

our clients with domestic, international, and

embryo adoptions and provide women who

find  themselves in an unplanned

pregnancy with free counseling

and support.

Nightlight has been providing adoption and

counseling services to the community since

1959. Since 1995, the agency has been

under the direction of our current

Executive Director, Ronald

L. Stoddart



God's Children

Adoption Agency Inc.


An Adoption Agency created to bring God's

children home to Christian families through

adoption. Committed to providing services

to adoptive families and birth parent's

with respect and desire to

do God's will.


God's Children Adoption Agency, Inc. is a

licensed Adoption agency through the

state of Minnesota.




Parenting after Infertility




is a Christian-based support ministry for those who have

suffered through the heartache of infertility and/or

loss and are now blessed to be called Mom.

Whether you became a Mom through the

gift of adoption, by a miracle pregnancy

and birth, or if you are a foster Mom,

PAI offers a safe place for

you to share your joy and

seek support from

other Moms.


We understand how rewarding and challenging parenting

can be. We longed for and prayed for these precious

children and often feel guilty when we feel

tired, cranky, overwhelmed, uncertain 

and frustrated.


We may have innocently voiced our frustration 

only to  hear, “You asked for this” or “I would

give anything to be a parent.”


We may feel a heavy heart when we experience feelings

other than sheer joy! PAI offers a safe place to share

your joy, seek advice,  wisdom, encouragement

and prayer from other Moms who do



While parenting is our main focus, we do offer

support  when the painful scars of infertility

and loss reappear. PAI is for those whose

family is complete and for those who

long for more.




The Christian Medical & Dental




CMDA exists to motivate, educate, and equip

Christian  physicians and dentists

to glorify God.



We are now researching for other Christ centered

adoption agencies, and hope to add more in

the near future. If you know of others

we would love to hear from you!


Love in Christ,

 Evangelist Ken Godfrey



Bye 4 Now!


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