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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




Real Help 4 Real Issues!  God Loves You!!







Christian Music




Contemporary Christian Music



             Specifically, our Purpose Statement is as follows: 

To honor and lift up Christ while actively

supporting Christians who make, promote,

and love music.


We HONOR Christ by:

  • Challenging Christians to hold Christ              

  • above all else            

  •  Maintaining web site quality in design            

  • and content              


We LIFT UP Christ by:

  • Loving Christ first          

  • Showing attitudes of love and grace

We SUPPORT Christian music lovers by:

  • Linking to Christian music web sites

  • Providing news and information

  • Facilitating community and connectedness

  • through discussion.   


Best Christian Song Lyrics


The purpose of this site is to provide you with

 the Top Christian Lyrics of various categories

including new songs, contemporary, rap, rock and

more. We have to cater for all ages. This site

will be constantly updated as there would always

be current artists and songs.


At this site the No.1 Goal is to give you the

lyrics that you want. Period! Therefore it would help

greatly if you request lyrics from our request page

so that you can be provided with the most targeted

lyrics that you want.

This helps in the attempt to make this site

the No.1 Most Requested

Christian Lyrics

  Site on the Net. 



Grassroots Music


 is working hard to bring you

Quality Christian Music

of various styles

at affordable prices. This site traces its

roots back to 1994 with our beginnings in

old fashioned mail order, promotion,

wholesale distribution and booking

for independent artists

(thus the "Indie" focus of our web site)

even still today.



 Sparrow Records



Billboard Magazine's 'Top Contemporary Christian Label',

Sparrow Records web site is online and the place

where you will find the greatest Christian music

on the Internet with our artists' music,

videos, contests, surveys,

coupons and more!


is a

Christian Music Resource Website

unlike any other on the web.

Created in August of 1996 as merely a small webpage,

the site soon gained a partnership with a Christian

record company which allowed

to be born.


The site was moved to

servers where it remained until the fall of 2001

where the JfH left its partnership to

venture out on its own.  


We believe firmly in two things: the positive

message that Christian music has to offer

and in bringing the message of Christ

to the world through music.



World's Largest Christian Concert Search Engine!


World's Largest Christian Concert Search Engine

 and SO Much more!

Check it Out!




Praise and Worship




Hillsong Church


...Helping People

Filled with the praises of God, Darlene Zschech and

the Hillsong team led over 10,000 worshippers at

The Sydney Entertainment Centre on February

27th, 2005. The Presence of God was strong,

and many people responded to the

salvation altar call given at the

close of the night by

Pastor Brian Houston!




  We at

Vineyard Music USA

are committed to resourcing the Church, equipping

worshippers and providing a rich worship

experience to everyone who listens to our

music. We affirm the reality of the

Kingdom of God in our songs; worship

 leading resource materials, personal

devotional resource materials,

and the books and teaching

materials of John Wimber.

We hope you are blessed

by your visit with us.


Bob Van Meter

General Manager




The Winning Edge


Sing down the Praise and Power of God!





Learn to play Worship songs on the guitar. Easy

Step by Step Lessons!




Praise Fest


We are a Music  Ministry that  consists  of Gospel

Music and Praise and Sharing God's Love!




Contemporary Christian



Third Day


Six albums after the bandís first pieces interlocked,

Third Day

has become the leader in its genre. The

Atlanta-based rockers have accrued four gold

albums, a platinum album, a Grammy and 21 of the

Gospel Music Association's Dove Awards.


Backing up the band's ascent, Billboard magazine

noted the act is

"Not only one of the best Christian bands

of the '90s but one of the

best rock bands, Period.Ē




Rebecca St. James


 Rebecca St. James

is arguably Contemporary Christian Musicís brightest

star. Beginning with her American debut album in

1994, she has risen from poverty- literally cleaning

houses to help support her family- to become a pop

music icon. Propelling her career has been a

powerful message of faith, love, and hope.




Steven Curtis Chapman


Steven Curtis Chapmanís insights and ideas are wiser and more wide-eyed

 than ever before on This Moment, his compelling sixteenth studio album and

first new project in more than three years. Wisdom culled from two decades of

ante-upping artistry (five Grammies, a record-breaking fifty-one Dove Awards)

 anchors the set in a delightfully confident pop musicality. Meanwhile, the

new wonders heís finding at home and now on the other side of the world

add passion and a worshipful air to his thoughtful lyrics.



Maria Sue Chapman Memorial


May 24, 2008

Maria's Memorial Service

For those who couldn't be here, I thought I'd share a rundown, the best

I can remember it as I was a bit emotional. It was a beautiful and moving

celebration of this little girl's life. And in typical Chapman fashion... God

 was honored, the Gospel was presented, and... It went long. : )


Throughout the service, pictures of Maria were shown on screens

above the platform. There were about 2000 people present and the

program was just over 2 hours.




Singer/songwriter, Nancy Honeytree is a pioneer in

the field of contemporary Christian music. One

of the few female solo artists to emerge from

the Jesus Movement, Honeytree's sensitive

songs once earned her the nickname the

"First Lady of Jesus Music."


The bossa nova style "Clean Before My Lord" and the

rocking "Rattle Me, Shake Me" became theme

songs to Christians in the turbulent 70's.


"Many people tell me they were fans of Judy Collins

or Joni Mitchell or Carole King, but felt they had

to give up listening to the music they liked

when they became born again Christians,

" Honeytree says. "Wow! What a blessing

it was to discover that somebody was

singing their favorite style of

music for Jesus!"

says Honeytree.



Avtonomova Family

(9 Sisters from Russia)



"Singing for the Glory of the Lord"


 We are 9 sisters living in the Southern part of Russia

near Krasnodar city. Our mission is to glorify the

Lord through our singing and carry the Words of

the Gospel through the lyrics of our songs.

All of our songs are composed by our sister Tanya

and lyrics are written by Sveta. We have traveled

to over 60 cities all over Russian and Ukraine,

singing at churches, revival services,

city events, as a part of this ministry.


To contact us to minister at your church,

conference or other events targeted at

glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ!


Phone: +7 (86196) 45 9 96 (from abroad)

                8 (8107) 45 9 96 (from Russia

          For a recent article on the Avtonomova Sisters

please click on the following link:



Southern Gospel:






Black Gospel



Bluegrass Gospel




Bluegrass Music


Bluegrass music is thriving in Bristol, VA-TN.

Visit us and find out why!




Christian Rock




does NOT advocate collecting music

off the internet without permission and burning

your own CDs. Yes, the odds are pretty good

that you will never get caught. But, think

about the bands whose music you enjoy.


They deserve to be compensated.

As Bob Burney of says, "Listen, Think, Discern."

There are some bands out there who claim to

be Christian but are not. Please be careful who

you support.

But, DO support your favorite Christian Inde band!




is a non-profit ministry providing three different

radio formats to listen to on the Internet.

The other two formats are:







We depend on listener donations to to meet operating

expenses. Those expenses include bandwidth to host

 our stream (the part of the sites that allows you

to listen), licensing fees (which allow us

to do what we do legally)

plus  promotional, legal

and personnel costs.



Please, continue to check back as we are working

to make this link the place to come to learn more

about your favorite Christian music artists!

If you have a favorite Christian music groups

website address, email me.


I'll be glad to check it out and see if it's a good fit!

If you are a Christian Music artist and would

like to have yours, or your groups website listed

here, please email the link so I can check it out!

Love in Christ,

Evangelist Ken Godfrey



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