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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




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London Fog



Many years ago, an unexpected and sudden fog fell upon

the City of London. It came during the rush hour and

hundreds of thousands of people were caught in the fog.

Though fog is a common occurrence in London, something

happened this time that had never happened before.

Normally, fog hovers six to eight off the ground, but this

fog fell to "ground zero", right to the sidewalks. Visibility

was zero.


The people panicked. Some ran in front of cars. Some

walked right off the wharf into the Thames River. It was

 like walking through milk. The fog lifted after a few

hours but, in the meantime, many people had lost their

lives. Only the blind had no trouble getting around. They

 were accustomed to permanent fog. The blind were

 helping the sighted get home!

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