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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




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Team Impact


With a Team Impact crusade, your church will reach

entire families, making an eternal impact in the lives

of moms, dads and kids. Our mission is simple: to push

out the darkness in every corner of your community,

shining the Light of the World with your church and

 lifting high the name of Jesus.


"Team Impact is the greatest harvest tool our church

 has ever  used! During the five-night event, over

17,000 people came to our church for the crusade

and 1,300 decisions for Christ were recorded....on

Sunday we baptized 75 people and we continue to

see people baptized on a regular basis as a result

of this crusade."
- Dr. David Uth, Sr. Pastor of First Baptist Church,

West Monroe, LA






The Power Team


Stronger in our commitment to the local church.

Stronger to a commitment of integrity and excellence.

Stronger in our personal pursuit of Jesus. Are you

ready to impact your entire community?

Take advantage of one of the most recognized

names in evangelism to help draw families into

 your church that ordinarily wouldn’t

even darken your doors. Thank you for

visiting The Power Team.

It's POWER TIME!!!!!!


1)  Proven effective for almost 30 years

2)  Oversight Boards.

3)  Powerful Results: 2-3 out of every 10 who come,

make decisions for Christ.

4)  Averaging a 20% church growth within 12

months following crusade.

5)  Averaging 60% "Unchurched" visitors nightly!

6)  Over 20 world-class athletes performing feats of

strength and sharing the powerful message of the cross.

7)  Rated as the Top School Assembly, with over 15,000

assemblies completed. Endorsements and referrals,

from hundreds of pastors and government officials





Chief Justice Roy Moore's Personal Site 


This is the official website and organization supporting

former Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore and the

right to publicly acknowledge God.






 is a national, not-for-profit, interfaith organization

established in 1962 to combat obscenity and

uphold decency standards in the media. It

conducts public information programs to educate

and involve concerned citizens, and maintains

the  National Obscenity Law Center, a

clearinghouse of legal materials

on obscenity law.




The Christian Writers Guild


 exists to educate, train, and support writers who

desire to promote a biblically based, Christian

worldview through their writing.



Christian Publishing


We Specialize in Christian Books
All the books we publish are distributed through

 the top distributors  in the U.S. and the U.K.  Our

distributors include Ingram, Spring Arbor,

Baker & Taylor, Bertrams and Gartner. 






Welcome to the Vineyard USA Web site!

There are more than 500 Vineyard churches in

the United States. Our Web site can connect

you to these churches as well as helpful

on-line resources that advance the Kingdom

of God.



The Passion of the Christ



Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ  is considered

by some to be an offensive movie. Why? Does it contain

 sex or bad language? No. It's  because it is the brutal

 and graphic depiction of the death of Jesus Christ.


The Book of Isaiah prophesied that this brutal

death would take place-- the Messiah would be

"...bruised for our iniquities" and yet we are further

told ". pleased the Lord to bruise him."

(See Isaiah 53:5-10)

What does this mean, and how does it affect you?...



The Christian Bed and Breakfast Online Directory.







 internet business directory


Find what you are looking for fast and easy

in this incredible resource!





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