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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




Real Help 4 Real Issues!  God Loves You!!







Online Bible Resources



Free Bible Software


Proclaiming the Word of God by making the

 complete Bible software for Windows available

 for FREE download.





  SwordSearcher Bible Software


SwordSearcher benefits you by giving you the

tools to search, study, and read the Bible quickly.

It includes several commentaries, dictionaries,

topical guides, maps, charts, and illustrations; it is

far more than just a computer Bible concordance.


It offers unique and powerful study features

that are easily accessed and used with

 an intuitive interface, ideal for both devotional

and in-depth study.



Pastor's Helper


 Your One Stop Ministry Resource

Our Mission: The Pastor's Helper exists to

equip those in Christian ministry with

quality, relevant, and practical resources

 that will assist them in the work God has

called them to.



e-Sword Home


E-Sword Resources


 The Best Free Bible Study Software for Windows.

* Unbelievable resources *




Biblical Hebrew home page


Biblical Hebrew Courses & Resources


Dedicated to Biblical Hebrew language learning.

We offer courses and resources for studying the biblical

Hebrew language and world view. Hebrew distance

learning materials are  available on tape, cdrom, flash

card, printed texts and online.


We also supply Hebrew learning software and

Hebrew grammars. We have 500+ students on 5

continents  and offer email and  postal tutoring. We

 also publish "Roots & Branches" the Hebraic &

Judaic theological Journal.


Plug In & Turn On


Relevant Bible Studies! Hebrew Word

Studies and much more!



The Web Bible 


The Web Bible



The Web Bible contains

HUNDREDS of... Unique Bible Resources

 Annotated, cross-referenced, red-letter Bible on-line / Huge

Christian Answers Bible Encyclopedia / Word definitions,

including King James English / Answers to thousands of

Bible questions / Bible Reading Plans (one or three years) /

Daily devotionals / Summary of the Bible (multimedia) /

Bible quizzes and games / Recommended Bible resources /

Numerous Bible translations, including

Many languages / Greek & Hebrew tools

/ Concordances / Audio Bibles /

and much more!



  About the Bible


 About The Bible


 is unique among "Holy Books"; it is rooted in and

intertwined with actual human history. The Bible

claims to be "the word of God." It records the

interaction of God with historical people and nations.

It reveals the meaning of life and the responsibility

 of human beings to their Creator.


                                             FROM THIS WEBSITE, YOU CAN:           


   READ  the Entire Bible in Many Different Translations.

       LOCATE Any Verse with an Online Concordance Search.

    LOOK UP  Scripture Cross-References & Commentaries.

 ACCESS   the Original Greek or Hebrew for Any Verse.

       COMPARE  King James & Revised Versions Side-by-Side.

           LEARN   about the Fascinating History of the English Bible.

        DOWNLOAD  the Complete Text of Several Bibles Via FTP.

   REVIEW   the Classic Writings of Historic Christianity.
LISTEN  to Hundreds of Hymns in Midi Files.              
HEAR  Any Passage of God's Word Read Aloud with    

Real Audio  




American Bible Society


I welcome you to our Web site. Take a tour. Discover

how, with donor support, we guide people toward

relationships with  Jesus. Through the Scriptures we

encourage everyone to experience the warm embrace

 of our Heavenly Father.






It's Sunday. Welcome to -- a safe place

to explore issues about college, life, and what it might be

like to know God. Glad you came. - Daily Bible Verse Mailing List


Bible Shack


Devotion Newsletter, Life Guiding Bible Verses,

Tickle Your Funny bone, Bible Inspired Toons,

Greeting Cards and more.





All-in-One: Biblical Resource Sites


A Wealth of Must See Biblical Resources

by Dr. Mark Goodacre.




Bible Study Aides


WELCOME to the Online

Bible Study Aids. Cataloging and producing these

pages is a massive undertaking, but it is our

intent to bring you the best in Christian Bible Study

 resources and online Bible Commentary.


    So bookmark this page and check back from

time to time as we will continue to add new free

Bible Study Tools, a better Online Bible search

engine, and more cross referencing.




  Bible Commentaries   


Biblical commentaries provide a systematic series

of explanations and interpretations of Scripture by

some of the brightest theologians. They are intended

 to provide additional insight into the Bible, not to

replace it, and can be a valuable tool to

assist both casual reading or

series study.



 Study Tools at


Bible Studies and related resources will help you

 to grow in your knowledge and understanding of

God's Word. Bible Studies Devotionals, daily emails

 and Bible reading plans Tools for your

 PDA or handheld


Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA

 Wycliffe Bible Translators, glorifying God in obedience

to the  Great Commission through a unique strategy

that integrates Scripture translation, scholarship and

service so that all people will have access to

God's Word in their own language.




International Bible Society (IBS)


The purpose of International Bible Society (IBS)

is to faithfully translate and reach out with

God's Word so that people around the

world may become disciples of Jesus Christ

and members of His Body.



Today's Bible


Life With Christ:

Read Through the Bible in a Year, Bible

Studies With Commentary




Bible Family Tree


Bible Genealogy and Ancient History
Genealogy of the Bible that includes:

individual details, Bible cross reference,

Hebrew meanings of names, lineages,

dates, maps, timeline, contemporaries.

 cities, countries and Ancient dynastic

history of Mesopotamia and Egypt.






The Scripture Memory Connection




The Scripture Memory Challenge


Welcome to the Scripture Memory Challenge web

 site. I have been writing about the value of scripture

memorization for the last couple of years, but now

I want to start something which makes a difference.  


What is my goal?  What is it that I wish to see?  It is

 simply this: That the Church, all over the world, would

be captivated by a desire to start memorizing God's

word, and not only this, but  that all Christians would

take God's word to heart and determine

to live in complete obedience to it.



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