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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




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Privacy Policy



We are very proud of our Judeo-Christian beliefs. You

 may, or may not agree with our beliefs and that is

fine. By visiting and viewing our ministry website, you

agree to our right to our share our views, beliefs,

and anything else listed here.


By continuing through our site you agree to

 this stated right, and agree that you have the right

to leave if not, and have no cause to claim offence, 

harm, or damages. If any damages would

ever be awarded, you agree it would

be equal to the amount you paid to

 visit our site.


The web sites and pages that are listed on

 this website are not necessarily maintained by

Your Cross Outreach Ministry. We provide them

here as a resource to help our

visitors find information.


While we have gone to great lengths, and will

 continue to attempt  to verify that each link points

to a web site that glorifies God, proclaims their faith in

Jesus Christ, and that no  offensive, or irresponsible

material is referenced, we cannot guarantee this

will always be the case for every attached

ministry, or resource link.


If you find any, please share them  with us so they can

be removed. We also can not guarantee that everything

shared on the many links is in complete agreement

with the beliefs of Your Cross Outreach Ministry.


The cults page is for informational, and teaching purposes

only.  In no way is any of the provided material intended to

offend, or be taken as a sign of hatred, bitterness, etc., to

anyone who believes in, or is a member of one of the

stated groups.


It is instead  an opportunity taken to share the

clear differences between Christianity and

other religions, and teachings many of which

claim to be not only the truth, but also

Christian, which isn't true .


Jesus always taught us to love those who believed

differently  than He clearly taught, to always stand

firm in the Word of God,  to always point out false

teachings, but to always reach out in love

 to bring those being deceived to a true

understanding and acceptance of His free

gift of salvation by grace through faith, and

not of any works.  Do not believe everything  

you read. Test the claims against the

written Word of God, the Bible.


All ministry and resource links provided here,

which deal with health and safety issues are

intended as informational guides and assistance.

In no way, do they eliminate the possible

need of professional assistance.


In no way, and at no time will Your Cross

Outreach Ministry share, or provide any personal

 information which is shared on this website. Since

we have linked with several ministry and

resource links, please take time to read their

Privacy policy before ever sharing any personal



On the Kids Korner page and also the Teen

 site page we have provided links to try and insure

safety, and to try and  help resolve and problems

that might arise. We have been accepted as

a Family Friendly Site and we intend to always be.


We can accept no responsibility for any broken, or

non-responsive links, as their is no way to keep up with

everything on as large a ministry website as this has

become. You're help in informing us of any troubles,

or problems is greatly appreciated!


We have a Link To Us banner on our front page, and by

 clicking on it, you will come to a page with both

banners, and links you may feel free to use to add

to your website! If I can be of any further assistance,

please  let me know.


Feel free to write an email anytime. May the

Lord Jesus guide and bless you as you visit

Your Cross Outreach Ministry website and

 throughout  your day!! God Bless You and

Yours, and Keep the Faith!!!

Love In Christ Always,

Evangelist Ken Godfrey

Your Cross Outreach Ministry



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