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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




Real Help 4 Real Issues!  God Loves You!!







Prostitution Ministries




Zoe International


ZOE International Ministries is an

international Christian organization dedicated

 to reaching people in Third World countries

with the life-changing love and the message of

the gospel of Jesus Christ!


We focus much of our ministry on children, with

 one of our primary ministries being ZOE

Children's Homes in Thailand; homes that give

refuge and shelter to children who would otherwise

 end up in horrible circumstances (being

kidnapped or sold into prostitution, living on

the street or other heartbreaking realities for

these young innocents.)



Emmaus Ministries


An Evangelical Ministry of Roman Catholic and

Protestant Christians reaching out to men

involved in Prostitution.



Daniel Trust Ministries

 (For the Love of Children)


Jesus said "I have not come to call the righteous

 but sinners to repentance".  He cares about all

sinners, even those who deal so wickedly with

children.  Our mission is not one of judgment,

but to exhort repentance and to tell out the truth

of why they can not change themselves.


 It requires

the power of the blood of Jesus Christ to deliver

them out of Satan's hands, to cleanse them, to

 heal that which is so perverted in their sexuality,

and to really love children with God's pure love.

 Man has no answer to this problem but God

has, in Jesus.

In Addition to this Outreach

We have Other Ministries:


  To those who are suffering because of abuse in

their lives


  To help parents and guardians who are seeking

God's protection for their little ones


  To parents who wish to promote real Christian   

values in family life to hurting children


                   To teenagers, covering topical subjects, but                            

also reaching out to those who realize that

they have unnatural thoughts about children


  Child-Online, a prayer and intercession ministry

for the needs of children



Inter - Outreach Ministries


works with women in Cape Town who want to

come out of prostitution. They provide a live-in

facility with a programme to help prostitutes

deal with their  issues. The safehouse they run

is called 'Beauty for Ashes' .


Since starting this work in 1996, they

 have assisted many women and young girls

to come out of prostitution into freedom through

 Christ and through practical programme. Many

 of the women are single parents with young



Some are on drugs and a number of

them are very young girls who have been

sexually exploited. One or two have even

been trafficked from other Countries.



Coming Soon


The Christian Cultural Development Foundation

is a non-profit organization incorporated in the

Philippines (1990) and the U.S.A. (2002).

 CCDF provides creative alternatives to

prostitutes and street children in the

Philippines who want to change their

lifestyles and follow

Jesus Christ.


Internationally, art and cultural renewal
are the focus of CCDF's vision in the church
& society. The Christian Cultural Development
Foundation is an evangelical, interdenominational
 ministry supported financially and prayerfully by
 various churches and individuals around
the world.
The founders, Mark & Robin Merrill, are
artist-missionaries who live by faith and
donate the sale of their artwork entirely
to the ministry of CCDF.


Radstock Ministries


The Children in Crisis Project (CiC)

 is one of many projects facilitated by

Radstock Ministries.


This project helps local churches to reach out to

these children who are faced with the devastating

conditions of war-torn societies, the AIDS pandemic,

and street life. Many children worldwide have no

home or family, are subject to exploitation, abuse

and neglect. Many suffer from drug addiction,

malnutrition and disease.


 Others are forced to work under slave-like

conditions, or involved in prostitution, sex

tourism and pornography. Radstock ministries

aims to follow  the teachings of Jesus in caring

for children who live under these conditions;

to be their voice in societies where they

would be otherwise overlooked.



It is our goal and prayer to find and partner up

with more ministries from around the world

who are sharing Gods love and forgiveness and

 making a difference in the lives of those trapped

 in the life of Prostitution and wanting to

be set free.


If you are part of such a ministry, know of one,

 or have been set free of the lifestyle after

accepting Christ, I'd love to hear from you.




Love in Christ,

Evangelist Ken Godfrey

Your Cross Outreach Ministry





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