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Then Jesus said to his disciples,      

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )





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Rape & Sexual Exploitation



We have already tried to address the problem of Rape and Sexual Exploitation through sharing

Ministry and Resource information, and the use of Reports, Keywords, etc., to help make people

more aware of this problem, The problem is way more rampant around the world and here in the

United States than most people are aware of.


Part of the reason it continues to happen all over the world, to people from the age of little

babies to old women, is the fact that it is such a sickening act and subject, that most

people would rather just turn their head and not have to deal with it. Another reason

is that many kids, teens, and adults aren't believed when they do tell someone,

and then there are those that make false claims of rape, or exploitation, for

various reasons, including revenge.


The people that commit these crimes are not just the pedophiles that prey on kids

under the age of 12, or 13. They are many times family members, or family friends,

that use a families trust as a means of taking advantage of situations they create.

Add to that the use of guilt and threats against the victims and their families if turned

in, and many other things used and it's easy to see why we have such a plague.


We hope to use the keywords that we have found on various disgusting websites

online to help draw some of those guilty of committing these acts, so we are given a

chance to help them overcome this sin and abuse against others. We also help to

educate those who wouldn't commit such acts of violence know and understand just

how rampant and disgusting this problem is, so that through there prayers, and

the much more active involvement in the lives of their children, families, and friends,

and the enactment of tougher laws, we can stop these acts from happening to those

 around you, and around the world.


Great Support System For Healing

The support group participants, whatever their need,

find the extra care and encouragement necessary to

grow beyond the wounds of life's battles, the

difficulties in family relationships, the bondage of

addictive habits  and behaviors, and the isolation

caused by shame. Meetings are filled with the

faith, hope, and  love that only God can provide

through Christ.

Good Site For Survivors Of Abuse

"I'm a teenager and sometimes it's hard for me to

choose to do what is right over what is wrong, but

thanks to your e-handbook how to do the right thing

has become very clear to me!" ~ Christina (California)

Daniel Trust Ministries

(For the Love of Children)


Jesus said "I have not come to call the righteous

but sinners to repentance".  He cares about all sinners,

even those who deal so wickedly with children.  Our

mission is not one of judgment, but to exhort

repentance and to tell out the truth of why they can

not change themselves.


 It requires the power of the

 blood of Jesus Christ to deliver them out of

Satan's hands, to cleanse them, to heal that which is

 so perverted in their sexuality, and to really love

children with God's pure love. Man has no

answer to this problem but God has, in Jesus.

Alongside This Outreach We Have

Other Ministries:

  To those who are suffering because of abuse in their lives


  To help parents and guardians who are seeking God's

protection for their little ones


  To parents who wish to promote real Christian values        

in family life To hurting children


  To teenagers, covering topical subjects, but also reaching   

out to those who realize that they have unnatural

thoughts about children


  Child-Online, a prayer and intercession ministry                 

for the needs of children

Survivors of Abuse


The purpose of these pages are to provide

Christian  information and resources to aid you or

a friend in their healing. I speak not as a trained

counselor but as a survivor of sexual, physical

and emotional abuse, from which I have been set

free from the many years of suffering, the restoration

 of my marriage, to the forgiveness of the perpetrator.


I hope that my story of God's love for us, His

 forgiveness and the strength of the Holy Spirit

to overcome every situation . If He did it for me,

 He will also do it for you, Regardless of your

belief's, your religion or if your a Christian or

not, He will do it for you because God loves you.

Even if you was the last person on earth. He

would still do it for you

Delivered from the Hurt of Abuse

and the Scars of Sin


Before I begin my testimony I feel it is important

to give you some information on my childhood, so

you will be better able to understand some of the

decisions I made in my life, however stupid they

 may have been.


But every decision I have made during my lifetime

good or bad is what has brought me to

where I am now and I am very thankful

for the mountains and the valleys.

Battered But Not Beat

Inspirational help from a former victim of

abuse, whose message of hope is that

You can have a better life!!

Advocate Web Helping Overcome

Professional Exploitation


There can be times in our lives when a professional

 in a position of power, authority, or trust can

take advantage of us in ways we may have never

 imagined possible.  If this has happened to

 you, we offer HOPE.

Exploitation of Persons With



Advocate Web's focus is on (primarily sexual)

abuse/exploitation perpetrated by professionals

 in positions of power, authority, or trust. This

abuse spans many different professions, such as

medical, mental health, clergy, counselors, law

 enforcement, teachers, coaches, caregivers, etc. 


 We have been doing work recently with some groups

who provide services to persons with disabilities,

and it is evident that some of the abuse that is done

to those with disabilities is ironically done by

the professionals who have been entrusted to help



Thus there is indeed an overlap in

this area of concern with the concerns of

Advocate Web.  Since we are a leading resource

on the Internet regarding the topic of abuse by

professionals, it is important that we acknowledge

abuse of persons with disabilities as a special

topic to not overlook.



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