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             Then Jesus said to his disciples,

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )     




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A Hero at Heaven's Doors


On this earth among us, a lot of men and women are

awarded for the way they have stood tall and helped

all.  In times of war and in times of sorrows and woe,

there is often born a hero.  We all look at these fellow

men and women and salute them for their

achievements  and thank them for their service

to all humanity. 


Today a hero that we all admire stands at heaven's

door and waits to receive his reward.  To us he was

a son, a brother, he was a buddy.  To each of us, he

filled a spot in our hearts that will never be filled

by any other. No one stood so tall -  no one braved

the storm like Ricky did.


He met pain everyday and still greeted all of us

with a smile.  Ricky never conquered the things

that a lot of us have; riding a bike, climbing the hill

just to roll down, fighting a battle in a far away war. 

He never did these things but he did even more. 

Ricky has fought battles we could never win. 

So Yes He Was My Hero! 


The day we lost this hero I spoke to his brother.

He told me that Ricky, his brother was the

strongest man in the world.  I must agree!  Today

a hero knocks on heaven's door, and he stands

tall with a new body  and a big smile -  for he

has walked the longest mile. 

In Memory of My Hero

Ricky Ferrell


By Bradley Glaspell



The above tribute to Ricky was written by a young

friend who was deeply affected by both Ricky's life and

death, just as everyone who knew him was. Ricky's life

here on earth ended tragically this past summer when

his house caught on fire and the Fire fighters were

not able to save him.


I have come to know Ricky's family very closely

since Ricky's death, through the simple act of

reaching out in love to let them know they had plenty

of Christians praying for them. God has been faithful

 in comforting them and giving them the strength

and courage to move on, knowing Ricky is now in

the presence of his Lord and Savior.


It is very easy to see that Ricky got his strength and

love from the same source as most of the rest of his

family.  Everyone I've been fortunate to meet from

 his grandmother, to his mom Linda, to his Aunts,

his brother Chris and nephew Isaiah, and his sister

Missy, all have so much love to share with everyone

 else who comes into their life!


Ricky was truly in love with Jesus and drew his

strength from serving God and others. He loved to

praise His Lord and Savior, both at home and

at church. There was no wheelchair, or other

limitations that could distract his attention from

 who he was in Christ!


Ricky is now spending eternity with the one he

 lived to praise! Someday he'll be waiting to

welcome his family and friends who also know Jesus,

as Lord and Savior, and to introduce them to Him!!

What a reunion!!


As Ricky was always such an encouragement to

others, his first request to all who read this tribute,

 would first be that all of you would please keep

his mother Linda, and sister Missy, (both pictured

below), as well as his brother Chris, nephew Isaiah,

and the rest of his family and friends in prayer, as

 they've had an extremely trying time dealing with

heavens gain, and their loss.



Many of you can relate all to well to the pain of

losing someone dear to you. Each of you are in my

prayers also. I pray that you will also turn to God as

 your source of comfort and strength!! If you need

someone to share your pain and loss with,

feel free to email at:


Love in Christ,

Evangelist Ken Godfrey

Your Cross Outreach Ministry


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